Spring Break 2014

Miami, 1 mansion, 1 week


What is this website?

It's an experiment, an attempt, an idea, your plans,

My name is Chris Weigen, I'm a sophomore at Southern Connecticut State University and I started this site as an experiment to see if I could gather a group of people who would be committed on making this idea a reality.


All the pictures above were taken off of websites that offer vacation property rentals. Many of them are $1000+ per night, however they sleep 10 or more people.

To be safe, let's pretend that a group of 10 people rented out a house that was $1500 per night for a week. That's $750 for a week. It's a simple concept but it's truly an amazing deal if enough people are commited and plan ahead.


1. People from different schools generally have different Spring Break dates.

2. Budgets. These amazing properties come at a great price when booking in groups. However, it's still expensive and isn't exactly oriented for those who don't have the funds.

3. Property rental process & deposits. A contract could be distributed to all people fully on board once a group is finalized. This contract would equalize liability between the person who puts their name down for the rental agreement and all other guests. This part is slightly more complicated and would be discussed and handled once a group begins to form.

My disclaimer

As I stated above, this website is simply an experiment. Personally, finding a group of 10 or more people who are all ready to put a deposit down and book their flights isn't easy. If this website serves as a group formation tool then I'd be more than happy to work with everyone and make reservations as soon as possible.

Secondly, I'm not opposed to other types of properties. There are many luxury condominimums, apartments, and hotels that can be booked as a group and reduced to a great price for each person.

Thirdly, this website also acts as a summary and organized explaination of my envisoned plan for Spring Break. This is mainly for people who are directed to the site from any network that I post the link on. (via twitter, facebook, instagram, personal profiles, etc.)

Lastly, I'm not making any profit off of this. I know there are many services that offer college students package deals for Spring Break trips. These services take a percent of the overall cost. I'm strictly using this platform as a way to propose my idea to large number of people.

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